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Many, if not most, of the state departments of education, require a teacher candidate to obtain a set of fingerprints, and it is usually done along with the background check. Oh, and yes, it usually costs money; first, you pay the place that does your fingerprints, then you send in a “processing fee” when you send in your fingerprint card. Now, all of these fingerprints are sent to the FBI for verification that you are not a wanted criminal.  My question is, why do we have to have our fingers printed so many times? Why can’t there just be one database (like the FBI) where all online teachers can send their fingerprint cards? That way, when you apply to work for a learning institution, you can just give them your identification number and the institution can locate them easily in the fingerprint database. I’m not opposed to having fingerprints done for that first teaching license; I just don’t understand the necessity of doing it for every single employer.

After all, it is a fact that fingerprints are “permanent.” Experts tell us that fingerprints are formed in the fetal stage, before we are born,  and they remain the same throughout our lifetimes. The only exception to that is disfiguration by scarring or disease. Even then, the basic prints remain the same and experts can figure out who owns them. So, why should we ever have to obtain more than one set of fingerprints? Why must there be so many hoops to jump?

P.S. Does anyone have a good remedy for removing ink from your fingertips?



2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. Having lived in a state where teachers needed to have their fingerprint cards renewed more often than their teaching credentials, I completely agree. I have said this exact thing several times. If we all know fingerprints do not ever change, and the FBI knows this, why are teachers subject to different rules than anyone else? Great blog, Viki!

    • Thanks, E, for the kind words! It does seem like teachers are subject to different rules, doesn’t it? I completely understand the need for the first set of fingerprints but not more than that. Fingerprinting for online teachers seems irrelevant, anyway; we rarely, if ever, meet our students in person, except in the case of blended classes, or those teachers who have online classes for public schools. Even then, one set of fingerprints ought to be enough!

      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you well!

      Take care,


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